Fiber Optik Power Meter Test & Laser Source

Power Meter Test dan Laser Source  Dipakai untuk mengukur total loss dalam sebuah link optik baik saat instalasi (uji akhir) atau pemeliharaan dan juga untuk kelurusan core optik.
  • Laser Source : Sebagai sumber laser (Signal Optik)
  • Power Meter : Meter untuk mengetahui besarnya signal optik yang datang pada sisi penerima (Rx)
  • Redaman diukur dalam saatuan Decibel (dB).
Loss atau redaman dihitung ;
L (dB) = Pin (dBm) – Pout (dBm)
L (dB) = 10 Log (Pin / Pout) dB

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Laser Light Source

XG3020 Laser Light Sources are full-feature hand-held instruments covering the full range of optical fiber applications. For use in the field or in the lab, they are user-friendly and high performance in a compact and rugged quality engineered design. XG3020 offers excellent stability and portability for accurate fiber optic testing. Single output connector provides stable laser power at dual wavelength (1310/1550nm). The compact unit can operate in either continuous wave (CW) mode or 2kHz modulated mode for up to 12 hours.
XG3020 operates on single 9V battery. A low battery indication warns the user that battery replacement is necessary. The output power is -5dBm. The output may be equipped with FC, SC or ST connector upon request.
XG3020 is widely used to perform fast and accurate measurements of long-distance and local optical network. It can measure the loss of optical fiber over more than 200km with XG3010 Laser Power Meter.
* Durable and Compact
* Support continuous output of CW and 2kHz modulated wave
* 1310/1550nm dual wavelength, single output connector
* Adjustable output
* Low battery indicator
* User-selectable disable function
Optical Power Meter

XG3010 Optical Power Meters are full-feature hand-held instruments covering full range of optical fiber applications. For use in the field or in the lab, they are user-friendly and high performance, within a compact and rugged quality engineered design. It can work with an Optical Source for performing optical loss measurements on fiber optical cables. XG3010 combines a state-of-the-art microprocessor with a graphic display for high performance. Operation is simple with only three true keypads on the front panel: ON/OFF, dB/µW and l. Easy to turn the Power Meter on and off, switch between power (dBm & µW) and loss (dB) modes, view/set reference and change the measurement wavelength. If no keys are selected with approximately 10 minutes, XG3010 automatically shuts down to conserve power.
XG3010 Optical Power Meters incorporate a quick-connect universal adapter interface on the top of the unit. All industry standard fiber optical connectors can be accommodated by an adapter cap. Available adapter caps: FC-ST, FC-SC, FC-DIN, ST-SC.
XG3010 is widely used to perform optical measurements of the power and loss at five calibrated wavelengths 850/980/1310/1480/1550nm in communication engineering of LAN, CATV and long-distance optical fiber trunk, R&D of optical fiber, optical passive device and optical active device.

Main Features
* Low power consumption
* Easy readable graphic display
* Multi-wavelength: 850/980/1310/1480/1550nm
* Single-mode and Multi-mode measurement
* Set reference for each wavelength
* Auto-ranging, auto-zeroing and Auto or Manual Power Off
* Built-in battery operated with low battery indication
* High resolution backlight LCD
* Interchangeable fiber optical connector adapters
* Hand-carried Structure, Durable Design, Suitable for Carrying around and On-spot testing.
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